Prema Pathak
Social Entrepreneur

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R.M.Centre is a retail arm of PRAMA ( a society for human development ) focusing on the development of mother and child in rural West Bengal, India. WE A TEAM OF WOMEN ARE THE SOLE MANUFACTURER OF SPECIALLY TREATED JUTE YARN PRODUCTS BEING SUITABLE AND BETTER SUBSTITUTE FOR PLASTIC. All our products are WASHABLE WITH WATER, biodegradable, anti fungal, eco-friendly, non-toxic and moderately fire retardant. The basic raw materials we use are specially treated jute yarn and herbal extract and our product is approved by National Jute Board ( Govt. of India ), DC handicrafts (Ministry of Textiles of Govt. of India), a SSI unit of West Bengal Govt., MSME Ministry of textiles, Govt. of India. Our products have been widely accepted in Canada, United States and UK.


We specialise in recreating the folk art of rural West Bengal in our wide range of jute products. It is a complete women organisation generating employment in the rural areas of West Bengal, India. All our craftswomen are individually trained with our unique technology, but the real flavour is their ethnic touch and their innate talent. There are regular training sessions so that we can keep on updating individual skills to match the demand of the national and international community. we support, nurture and uplift artisans, artists and entrepreneurs specially from rural areas of West Bengal.